International logistics paper | Introduction to Logistics | Fayetteville State University

The Assignment

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The criteria for this assignment is located below. 

After finding an article in the area of International or Global Logistics, write a paper following the format below and answering the following questions:

Place your name at the top of the paper, the date, and LOG-110-0001 (Fall 2018)

Then number each section as follows giving the answers to the requirements:

1.  Give the title of the article.

2.  Give the author or authors of the article.

3.  Give the journal reference where you found the article (Name of journal, issue date, the date is written, page numbers).

4.  Briefly summarize the main points of the article in your own words.  When summarizing your article, I want you to identify at least one cultural and one economic factor of global logistics.  In other words, identify one thing that relates to the country or culture that you must pay attention to that is important for doing business with them, and identify one thing economically from the company you are writing about that affects the country where the business is located.  (Example of an economic impact would be that the company created over 500 jobs, etc.)

5.  What did you find useful about the article?

6.  Was the article worth reading or not worth reading?

7.  Your personal reaction to the article.  (Did it cause you to take note of something, did it make you angry, did it make you happy, did you gain more knowledge about International Logistics, etc?)

The article should be typed, double-spaced, clearly and concisely written using proper grammar and spelling.  The article needs to be a one-page minimum and no longer than two pages maximum in length.  There should be one-inch margins on the left and the right side of the page or pages.