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Need by 14 Nov 2015 by 2300hrs EST


In no more than 1-1.5 double-spaced, typed pages in 12-point font (Times New Roman), respond to the checklist items. Be sure to include references for any resources you use.


Some observers have gone so far as to claim that traditional advertising is dying out and will eventually be supplanted by Internet advertising.


What are your views on this? Explain and justify your response with support from at least one database article from KU library or an industry organization. Only two short citations can be used and you need to include the references on a separate page in addition to your 1-1.5 page paper.


These two references are attached or you may find one:


Pfeiffer, M. & Zinnbauer, M. (2010). Can Old Media Enhance New Media? How Traditional Advertising Pays off for an Online Social Network. Journal of Advertising Research. Mar 2010, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p42-49. 8p. 3 Diagrams.


Chao, C. & Corus, C. & Li, T. (2012). BALANCING TRADITIONAL MEDIA AND ONLINE ADVERTISING STRATEGY. International Journal of Business, Marketing, & Decision Science. Fall2012, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p12-24. 13p. 5 Charts, 3 Graphs.


Need by 14 Nov 2015 by 2300hrs EST