Interventions for Children and Families

For this assignment, you are to choose one social problem that impacts children and families in your community(FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA) Research agencies in your community and write a 2–3-page paper that address this particular social problem and evaluate the services the agencies offer to children and families. You may choose any problem that interests you or might consider the following: child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, homelessness, etc. Please respond to the following: In 1 paragraph, provide a summary, using key facts, of how the social problem has affected your community. In 1 paragraph identify at least 3 community agencies in your community that address the social problem you’ve identified. Include the name of the agencies, addresses, and phone numbers or website addresses. In at least 3 paragraphs, describe in detail the services or interventions offered by each agency. Describe a minimum of 2 interventions. In at least 3 paragraphs, evaluate which interventions are the most appropriate to address the social problem. What interventions have worked to address the social problem in your community? Which have not worked? Use real-world examples to determine what actions or solutions should be taken to improve the social problem. Include a minimum of three sources to support your responses and conclusions. One should be your text (Exploring Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective, 7th Edition) and the others should be peer-reviewed sources from the Purdue Global Library.

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Interventions for Children and Families
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