Introduction to Brene Brown

please read before video : Introduction to Brene Brown One of the biggest issues related to the fear of public speaking is the fear of feeling vulnerable. Vulnerability is typically the basis of most of our irrational (and rational!) fears. Brene Brown is a Ph.D. holder who researches vulnerability; what causes it, its effects, and how to overcome it. In addition, she is a world-renowned public speaker. Watch the following video, in which Brene Brown discusses vulnerability, paying attention to both what she says (and how it applies to the topic of public speaking) and how she says it. How does she engage the audience? How does she relate the topic to them? What about her makes a “good” public speaker? After the video, proceed on to the discussion forum for Module 1. video: After watching the assigned videos, please complete the following project. Stage 1: Your Analysis In 300 – 450 words, write an analysis in essay format, using all the questions below as a guide. Speak to all of these questions in your analysis, but do not repeat the questions in your essay. Points will be taken off if you write the questions here as part of your analysis. Instead, create your main idea or sentence as you consider all of these questions and 2-3 follow-up sentences to that idea. Then write your analysis in essay format with paragraphs separating main ideas. Important: write the word count for your essay at the beginning — you can count the words in Google Docs. The essay must be 300-450 words. Here are the questions to guide your analysis; address all these questions but do not repeat these questions in your analysis: What is Brene Brown’s main message, or thesis? What is she trying to tell her audience? How does she support that message? What details does she mention to prove her main thesis? Brown is considered a strong public speaker. Do you agree? Why or why not? Did you enjoy her speech, or did you find it boring? Why? What strategies does she use to engage her audience, and make them care about what she’s saying? How does she hold the audience’s attention, and keep them focused for 20 minutes? Overall, what is your assessment of this speech? Explain your answer.

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Introduction to Brene Brown
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