Introduction to Psychology

Week 1 – Application Assignment: Introduction to Psychology   This assignment supports the following unit objectives: Define key terms related to the study of psychology. Identify the seven modern psychological theories discussed in the text. Assignment Overview This assignment will be in two parts. Part A will be a set of key terms from the chapter which you will define. Part B will be a writing assignment in which you summarize the key aspects of one of the psychological theories discussed in the text and discuss why you think it best describes human behavior. Deliverables For this assignment, you will present your assignment in a Word document following APA format for academic writing. Page one will be a title page in APA format. Page two will be the definitions from Part A. Pages three will be the answer to Part B.  The last page will include your references (this includes your textbook). Activity Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Before You Begin, Keep in Mind… Be sure that you have done all the assigned readings for the unit before beginning this assignment. The definitions for the terms in Part A should come from your textbook (not from a dictionary or web site). The information about the psychological theories should come from your textbook, the Power Point lectures, and this week’s video. Step 2: Please Complete Part A and Part B Below. Part A: Define 5 of the following terms: Psychology: Scientific Method: Hypothesis: Critical Thinking: Psychodynamic approach: Behavioral approach: Humanistic approach: Cognitive psychology: Nature: Nurture: Part B: For this part of the question you will be discussing one (1) of the three (3) major psychological theories: Psychodynamic Approach Behavioral Approach Humanistic Approach Step 3: In a 300 word essay respond to Part B, please do the following: Briefly summarize the theory (telling how it explains what motivates people to behave the way they do) and name its originator or some of its most famous theorists. Discuss which of these theories you think best describes why humans behave the way they do. Step 4: Look over your Assignment for Spelling or Grammar Errors. It is always a good idea to proofread your work prior to submission. Take this time to read over your assignment and make sure you have thoroughly and thoughtfully explained your answers to the questions listed above. Step 5: Make sure to put your assignment in a Word document (12-point font) and clearly label it with the information from the Step 6 example.

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Introduction to Psychology
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