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Kelley Dice 30, fastest woman over 100m this year, reside on the island of Jamaica with her longtime partner, who also happens to be her coach and daughter, Lia, age 9. She came to prominence when she broke the world record at an invitation track meet in USA and later won the World Championship before winning gold at Rio Olympics.

Currently, Dice has been nursing a groin injury she experienced after defending her World title in Doha. Doctors have reported that she may have to contemplate surgery and may not be able to compete for a year and is likely to miss the Diamond League in early 2020 Test also revealed that she has high traces of sugar in her blood and is a cause for concern as her father passed two years ago from Type 2 Diabetes. Her mother has been diagnosed with hypertension.

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She hopes to retire after the 2020 Olympics but has not yet bought her dream house for US400, 000 and open a second athletic apparel store in St Lucia. Dice’s two luxury cars are in need of repair following two accidents she encountered travelling from a party month before the World Championships. She enjoys driving fast and can be seen at premium parties on the local scene. She intend to repair and sell the two luxury cars in 2020 and upgrade to two faster cars and buy a family SUV having found out that she is two months pregnant.

Dice daughter is home schooled by one of the leading education consultant in Jamaica and will start college in the next couple of years. Kelly has been spotted exploring wedding dresses and plans to start 2020 on a right note and get married by year end.

Kelley has US200, 000 in a bank account and several endorsement deals with Nike. The St Lucia dollar has been appreciating against the US currency. She intends to start Foundation to help children with scoliosis, a condition she has been battling since birth.

Financial Analyst has noticed some level of uncertainty in the market surrounding the US China trade agreement. Donald Trump has promised policies that will boost growth through tax cuts, spending and deregulation

As Financial Advisors you are to:

  1. Prepare an Investment Policy Statement for Kelley Dice. (15marks)
  2. Determine the type of investor Kelley is based on the case study? (10marks). State any assumption and provide support using three scholarly sources etc.
  3. Explore some possible recommendations for Elaine who has not started to think seriously about Estate Planning? Provide support and make assumptions where necessary(5marks) Get Finance homework help today