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birthday (13 equal depositsin ). With no additional deposits, the money in the IRA Bob makes his first $1.500 deposit into an IRA arning 7.3% compounded annually on his 24th birthday and his last $1.500 deposit on his comes to sam 7. Interest compounded annually until obreres on his 65th birthday. How much is in the IRA when Bobetres?

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The amount in the when Bob metres i Round to the nearest cent as needed.) $1,517 is deposited into this annuity every month, how much is in the account for 12 years? How much of this is interest? Recently, More Money 4U offered an annuity that pays 5.7% compounded monthly Type the amount in the account (Round to the nearest dollar) Type the amount of interest comed (Round to the nearest dollar) The annual interest rate on a credit card is 17.90%. If a payment of $300.00 is made each month, how many months will take to pay off an unpaid balance of $2.446.077 Assume that no new purchases are made with the credit It will take months to pay off the unpaid balance (Do not round until the final e . The round up to the nearest Integer as needed) Explain what is meant by an ordinary annuity. Choose the correct answer below. O A. Any account that is established for accumulating funds to meet future obligations or debts OB. The sum of all payments plus all interest eamed OC. A sequence of equal periodic payments when the payments are made at the end of each time interval. OD. Any sequence of equal periodic payments. You can afford monthly deposits of $150 into an account that pays 42% compounded monthly. How long will it be until you have $7,300 to buy a boat? Type the number of months (Round to the next higher month if not exact) Elon an ordine landing recently you borrow from Elon What is the tota red 4- month autoloans at 3.9% compounded monthly to applicants with good credit ratings. If you have a good credit rating and can afford monthly payments of $252. how much can l you will pay for this loan? You can brow Round towe decimal places) You will pay attal of the Round to two decimal places) A sailboalcos $22.225. You pay 20% down and amortize the rest with equal monthly payments over a year period. If you must pay 72% compounded monthly what is your monthly payer How much interest will you pay? Monthly payment Round to two decimal places) Interest (Round to two decimal places)

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