Iscom/383 iscom 383 iscom383 week 2 – learning team assignment –

Identify a non-US based global organization.

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Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper describing the components of its value chain.


Cite at least seven (7) sources (one of which must be from the Electronic Reserve Readings Resources) to support your assertions.


Select a non-North American country in which this organization operates.

Describe how this organization utilizes its value chain within that country.

Answer the following questions:


·         Which value chain model is being used?

·         Why is the value chain model being used?

·         How does this model differ from other supply chain models?


(Be sure to obtain faculty approval for these selections prior to Week Two. The selected organization and selected country will be used for the rest of the Learning Team assignments).


This assignment is due in Week Two.


Create the Learning Team Charter, located in Learning Team Toolkit, once teams are assigned.

Post the completed Learning Team Charter in the Learning Team forum under a thread titled “Final Team Charter.”

Print and keep a hardcopy in case the student website is ever down.