Issue of Education Disparity

DQ1According to some politicians, student loan debt is an economic emergency that is stopping young people from such things as purchasing cars, starting businesses, buying their own homes, etc.  Historically, what has been done to alleviate this social problem? How do you think, if perpetuated, this problem may impact you or the community you live in?  What are some solutions to this modern day problem?DQ2Research the issue of education disparity between impoverished families and those from high income families/communities. Explain if research shows that students from high income families achieve better in school. Develop a list outlining possible reasons why this disparity is real. Next, create a list of possible solutions micro (individual) and macro (systems, laws) solutions) that can address this disparity, with hopes of closing the gap.ReferencesVerstegen, D. A. (2015). On Doing an Analysis of Equity and Closing the Opportunity Gap. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 23(40/41), 1–17.DAVIS, J. L. (2016). Joining Hands: Race, Social Justice, and Equal Opportunity in Your Classroom. Education Digest, 82(4), 42–46. Chapter 3 and 5 should help if you need

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Issue of Education Disparity
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