IT Department Planning

Answer those questions in short essay form, report, proposal in brief detail. You may include diagram, photos and other material to your answer with proper caption.1.    The IT department is often seen as a Cost Centre of the business.Is this true, how would you change it?If it’s not, why is it so and how would you measure it?2.    The IT department is understaffed and under budgeted to support the companies’ operation.What or how would you change this?3.    What’s your view of the most effective method to get all the departments on-board on a digitalization roadmap?4.      Case study (Short essay)      XZY Retail has an annual turnover of $20 million.        The company is currently plotting out its digital roadmap strategy for the next 5        years. The company acknowledges that technology is important and over the years        has purchased multiple systems to power the business.      As a result, there is a lot of siloed systems/data with complicated IT ecosystem.      Every department has their own priorities and like doing things their own way.       As the new IT manager of XZY, how will you go about plotting the digital roadmap      strategy and decide budget, systems, and manpower structure to support the      business?

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IT Department Planning
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