Jane’ s altic during november 2008 jane whitler decided to open a

jane’ s altic

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during november 2008 jane whitler decided to open a high end used furniture store, jane lived in a major metropolitan area in southwest united states and part of growth of the city over the last 35 years was an increasing retired population, many of the retirees starting to visit  the city as snowbirds from the mid west and northwest as they neared retirement ……..

Address the following in your paper:

  • Review the case and address each question while showing work for all mathamatical problems.
  • Provide full analysis for all conclusions made. For any assumptions made, be sure to reference the case when providing justification for responces.

Questions (also answer questions from attachment)

  • Which of Jane’s 10 salespeople are the top two performers and which are the bottom two performers?
  • Should Jane lower the base monthly compensation to $1,000 from $1,500? Are there any other changes she should make to the compensation plan?
  • What should be the minimal performance that Jane should expect from her salespeople in order for them to retain their jobs? How soon should Jane decide if a salesperson should be retained or terminated?