Korean War

Answer at least two of the following questions based on the reading (Robinson, 2007). Be specific. Copy and Paste the questions you have chosen in your posting.1. Do you think the US goal/strategy changed as the war progressed? Why do you believe so or not? Back up your argument with specifics.2. What were the possible intentions of Mao Zedong behind his decision to intervene in the Korean War as discussed in the readings? Which thesis do you think is the most plausible and why do you believe so?3. In what context were the atrocities committed respectively by Americans (Allied forces), South Korean troops and national police, and North Koreans (KPA)? (e.g., Who were the targets of their atrocities? Why and when did they commited atrocities?)4. What were the characteristics of the land reform conducted by the North Koreans in the South in the midst of the war? What do you think is its historical significance? Do you agree or disagree with Cumings’s argument?5. What does statement mean that the Korean War was a people’s war?6. How is Cumings’s view/assessment of the Korean war different from the traditional view in relation to the topics covered in class/the readings?7. Discuss the meanings implied in the following excerpt from the NYT review article “The 38th Parallel” (2010):Cumings suggests that “a civil conflict purely among Koreans might have resolved the extraordinary tensions generated by colonialism, national division and foreign intervention” — a resolution that would almost surely have ended with mass murder and a ruthless totalitarian state stretching across all of Korea.

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Korean War
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