Leadership and Climate

What is the historical and current body of scholarship that surrounds educational leadership behaviors, traits and styles and the effects on school climate?Focusing on leadership styles and the effect on school climate ( in a K-12 setting), review relevant literature/research and policies literature. Prepare the review of the literature that synthesizes, critiques and evaluates the historical andcurrent scholarship in the field. Address the following…-Describe the broad context (legal/political/institutional) of the topic-Synthesize the major trends, findings, and debates in the historical/contemporary scholarship-include teacher desires for traits from their administration (k-12)-Critique the strengths, weakness, and gaps in the body of scholarship-Analyze how the scholarship frames and shapes how leadership behaviors and traits effects school climate for administration with particular concern to social justice-Provide suggestions and implications for future inquiry-Must include a min of 15 sources

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Leadership and Climate
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