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        1. Two years ago, an American investor (an investment fund domiciled in NY) buy a bond of a company by PEN 20’000,000.00, the zero coupon bond (not pay coupons) and was purchased at a discount by PEN 18’000,000. Today the Fund will receive principal and interest, assuming that two years ago the exchange rate was PEN 2.70 (PEN per dollar) and is now 3.20 (PEN per dollar).
 a. The won or lost in Dollars Fund? (2pto)     b. What was the annual discount rate at which the bond was purchased by the Fund Soles? (2pts)                              2. On August 25, you made the following trading in the US:        Value Operation Price August Quantity investment Price Today SBUXbuy                        51.00500         25,500.0059 GOOG short sale                      615.0040         24,600.00640 AMZN buy                       530.0050         26,500.00713        Last week, Starbucks (SBUX) give dividend of USD 0.50 per share.           a). At current prices, the won or lost in dollars, today? Do not assume transaction costs.   b). According to the previous year, if in August the exchange rate was 3.32 PEN per dollar and today is 3.20, as will be won or lost today PEN?                      3. The risk-free rate is 2% and you estimated market yield of 14% for this year. Today we have data from three US companies, with the given data prompted estimate the expected return of a portfolio made up of three companies, consider that each has a weight today of 33,333% of the portfolio.         Price for shareBeta    BVN                         7.50                          0.70    BAP                      110.00                          1.05    DIS                       60.00                          1.35                         4.- Las respuestas a los siguientes enunciados se encuentran en el cuadro inferior, usted deberá indicar en cada enunciado, cual es la alternativa que más se acomoda. (1pto c/u)        a. It refers to a way of valuing companies, where the relationship between earnings and the share price is important ._________________b. It refers to the valuation of an action considering the equity value of the company .____________________ c. It is the term used to indicate that a currency has lost purchasing power .________________  d. It is the term used to indicate that a currency has lost value against another currency .____________________ e. A measure of risk does not diversificarle that measures the level of correlation of an instrument against the market .__________________f. Reference is made to this term as a strategy to reduce investment risk through investment portfolios composed ._______________g. It is the model that gives an idea of ​​the theoretical yield of an instrument with respect to their risk level .__________________h. It is the market where shares of technology companies mostly traded. _________________________________        1.- UPA10.- Option19.- exchange rate    2.- P/U11.- Future20.- devaluation    3.- P/VL12.- Swap 21.- inflation    4.- Beta 13.- Re22.- tax rate    5.- standard deviation14.- D/P23.- depreciation    6.- diversification15.- ROE24.- DJI    7.- correlation16.- ROA25.- NASDAQ    8.- action17.- CAPM26.- S&P500    9.- bond18.- Margin account  

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