Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy Journal Articles: For this activity, students will locate, read, and critique five journal articles from the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, The Family Journal, American Journal of Family Therapy, or the Journal of Couples and Relationship Therapy. These articles can be on one particular area (e.g., addiction, depression, play therapy, etc.) or on several areas. Each summary of each article must be at least 1 – 2 pages in length. Article summaries should include:1. APA citation of the article so that I can locate it if needed2. A summary of the article (don’t just copy the abstract)3. A brief description of the findings and conclusions4. How this particular article relates to the field of marriage and family therapy and specifically integrate course material (e.g., the textbook, lectures, etc.)5. Overall impressions from each article and findings

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Marriage and Family Therapy
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