Marriage is a Private Affair

“Marriage is a Private Affair” : write about your interpretation of this story & thesis provided-this is a fiction story, so although you are not summarizing the story, this paper should be written as arguing a conflict WITHIN the story. It cannot be connected to any outside research. THESIS: “Nnaemeka’s conflict with his father is not just a conflict between a father and a son, but a conflict Nnaemeka has with his entire village and tribe and their traditional way of life”   How the essay should be laid out : conflict between the FATHER AND SON, conflict with the VILLAGE, conflict with their TRIBE. Remember, the only evidence is the story I provided and your own interpretation. No outside research from any other sources. -essay must be argumentative in which you present your interpretation of some aspect (provided below) of the story provided and try to convince the reader that your interpretation is correct, using mainly the text of the story as evidence -NO RESEARCH. ONLY SOURCE TO USE IS THE STORY. look only at the story provided  and use your own powers of analysis to arrive at an interpretation of a thesis. (i provided the thesis) Do not consult any websites, journal articles, or books. -dont retell the story, tell what certain elements of the work mean in relation to your central idea (thesis). (your thoughts/feelings what you think it is saying) -draw conclusions and develop arguments. Be sure to AVOID plot summary  -essay must have a central idea (stated in your thesis) -Everything in the essay must relate directly to an analysis of your thesis of the story provided. -the thesis statement falls at the end of your introductory paragraph -STORY PROVIDED IN SCREENSHOTS ABOVE I would also appreciate a plagiarism report, thank you so much!!

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Marriage is a Private Affair
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