Mass Communication

Each student will select an article from a field other than communication/mass communication, andwill write a report that states what are the (a) concepts at the center of the study, (b) theory thatincorporates the concepts (and, perhaps, other concepts), and (c) related paradigm that overarches the concept and the theory (and, even,others). The student will provide a paraphrased definition of the concepts that draws on material inside and outsidethe article, paraphrased statement of the theory that draws from material inside and outside the article, paraphrasedstatement of the paradigm that draws from inside and outside the article, a critique of the concept, the theory and theparadigm that considers how much each of them meets at least one criterion for the evaluation of theories Littlejohnand Foss and Oetzel propose, and from the critique, the statement of an original question or concern or imperative.

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Mass Communication
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