Master of Emergency Nursing

This assessment is designed to clarify and demonstrate your understanding of safety and quality in relation to the 2018 Code of Conduct for Nurses.

The new 2018 Code of Conduct for Nurses, published by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), sets out legal requirements, professional behaviour and conduct expectations for all nurses. The principles apply to all areas of practice, with an understanding that nurses will exercise professional judgement in applying them, with the goal of delivering the best possible outcomes. The Code contains four domains, within which are contained seven principles and their respective values.

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Select two principles from the new Code. With reference to your own area of practice, analyse how (and to what extent) you consider that compliance with each of your selected principles and respective values will impact firstly on safety and secondly on quality in your working environment. Provide evidence from peer-reviewed literature to support all your arguments.