Media and Crime

presentation must be 5 to 7 minutes long exploring the influence of media and television on social perceptions of crime and violence. Videos must incorporate information and knowledge gained from the required readings You must explore and explain your analysis to these questions in reference to the peer-reviewed research: 1. What was your reaction or feelings about the influence of mass media on the perceptions of crime and deviance? 2. Do you believe mass media creates unwarranted levels of fear of crime in society? Explain your analysis using research from required readings and/or other sources to support or contradict your viewpoint. 3. How do the perceptions of crime reinforce social labels and stereotypes in society? Provide examples and justify your response with supporting evidence. 4. What are the most important ideas, concepts, or research presented in the articles compared to the information in the textbook by Curra and data from the Bureau of Justice website? Support your evaluation and analysis by citing specific examples from the articles, text, and website. 5. Discuss which theoretical perspective(s) best describes the influence of mass media on the social perceptions of crime and deviant behavior. Include citations in ASA format of required readings and any other sources you use

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Media and Crime
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