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Metrics and Quick Wins The Understand phase is where you set yourselves up for success for the rest of the project. In addition to getting a good understanding of your process and the issues, you also create baselines for comparison using metrics (step 4). One other key tactic in this phase is to identify quick wins (step 9) to allow everyone to gain confidence and provide justification to continue with the project. In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate the Supporting Business Process based on criteria detailed below. Firstly, you will look at possible metrics that can be used in your process(Supporting Process) and then identify potential quick wins. Write a paper that answers the following questions (use the format below to organize your paper): Part I- Metrics For the first part of the Assignment, list three metrics that you think can help you quantify the performance of the selected business process currently. List and define the metrics clearly, explain why each metric is important in the assessment of the process and then give an example of the statistic units. For example, if your metric is “speed of processing” it may be defined by how quickly each employee audits a tax form, and the example would be that “on average you would expect 8 tax forms audited per hour.” Part I – Metrics Metric 1: 1. Definition 2. Significance in assessment 3. Example Metric 2: 1. Definition 2. Significance in assessment 3. Example Metric 3: 1. Definition 2. Significance in assessment 3. Example Part II – Quick wins In the second part of the Assignment, identify two quick wins for your process. Describe what they are, how they can be accomplished quickly and why they will provide a boost to the project. Part II – Quick wins Quick win 1 Details Quick win 2 Details Assignment Requirements: >Cover page, “Discussion”(3 COMPLETE pp.), and Reference page=5 COMPLETE pages.(Nothing less then 5 pages!) >Identify three metrics that can be used in assessing, in this case, the Supporting Process. >Identify two quick wins. >Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and exhibit application of information >Clear business writing: Spelling and grammar are acceptable. Effective use of APA. Follow the required format and instructions above! >3 sources in APA citation(Nothing less then 3, and it’s not necessary for more) >Font size: 12 >Double-spaced(No spaces between paragraphs) >Lastly, but not least, NO PLAGIARISM If you can’t adhere to these clear instructions above, please, do me a favor and don’t waste my time sending a handshake. Thank You. *Homework Field of Study: Business Process Management(BPM)

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