Models of Public Policies

In a three to four page APA paper (not including cover and reference pages), create a public policy to address an issue you consider important.  Construct the details of the policy utilizing one of the models listed below.  Discuss the rationale of the policy and how your model will assist policy makers in their decision making and implementation processes.  Evaluate your model utilizing the general criteria provided in the text.  You are required to use at least two outside resources to support your position.    Models of Public Policies:  Institutional Model Process Model Group Model Elite Model Rational Model Public Choice Model Incremental Model Game Theory Model     References: Anderson, C. W. (1988). Political judgment and policy analysis. Public Administration Quarterly, 11(4), 439. Retrieved from ProQuest database. Harvey, J.T. (2013, May 1). Austerity leads to…austerity!  (Links to an external site.)  Forbes. Retrieved from Multimedia Forbes. (2012, February 13). Risk on, austerity wins in Greece  (Links to an external site.)  [Video file]. Retrieved from

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Models of Public Policies
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