Module 3 homework assignment 1. determine whether the hypothesis test

Module 3 Homework Assignment

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1. Determine whether the hypothesis test involves a sampling distribution of means that is a normal distribution, Student t distribution or neither.The sample data appear to come from a normally distributed population with σ = 28. Explain.

Claim:μ = 977. Sample data: n = 25, = 984, s = 25.Explain.

2.In a sample of 100 M&M’s, it is found that 8% are brown. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that of the Mars candy company that the percentage of brown M&M’s is equal to 13%.Identify the null and alternative hypotheses.

3. (Refer to problem 2) Find the test statistic.

4.(Refer to problem 2) Use the Standard Normal Table to find the p-value, critical value(s) and state the decision about the null hypothesis.

5.(Refer to problem 2) State the conclusion in non-technical terms.

6. Test the claim that for the adult population of one town, the mean annual salary is given by μ = 30,000. Sample data are summarized as n = 17, = $22,298, and s = $14,200. Use a significance level of α = 0.05. State the null and alternative hypotheses.

7.(Refer to Question 6) Find the test statistic.

8.(Refer to Question 6) Find the critical value(s) and state decision about null hypothesis.

9.(Refer to Question 6) State the conclusion in non-technical terms.

10. Find the critical value or values of χ2based on the given information.H1: σ > 26.1, n = 9, α = 0.01