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This assignment is designed to showcase your understanding of the importance of effective communications involving organizational leaders. This assignment will help you create strategies for developing leadership communications, which is a key component of the final project.

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In this milestone, you will formulate your recommendations on guidelines for optimal leadership communications, taking into account considerations such as company culture, ethics, and systems theory. Consider the impact of optimal leadership communications on an organization. Does such impact align with your present understanding of systems theory?

Submit your assignment as a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes in your presentation. See assignment the Module Three resources for guidance on how to create a multimedia presentation. 


Submit an 8 slide PowerPoint presentation 

Though the rubric states no requirement on references, please use a minimum of 3.


Please compose an 8 slide presentation of the scenario listed above.  

Follow the rubric requirements (attached).

Sources must be cited with APA format.

Plagiarism is unacceptable.