Music and Sounds for Insomnia

Music and sounds for insomnia and to support or improve a healthy night’s sleep. Literature review. Music, soundscapes, sleep stories and audio books are popular interventions to help people wind down and relax before sleeping. Some leave podcasts or talk radio on all night, or use white noise machines that play sounds such as oceans and rain to mask disruptive sounds such as transport, dogs barking or sirens. Evaluate current literature from most recent reviews and papers. Identify themes, debates and gaps. Analysis and critical evaluation. Future opportunities. What types of music and sounds help people sleep? Can binaural beats prolong delta wave/slow wave stage 3 sleep or induce theta wave stage one sleep? Why do lullabies work? Why does listening to a podcast or talk radio make you feel sleepy? Keywords and themes relevant to music and sounds to improve sleep or help with insomnia : do they have evidence, are they anecdotal or pseudoscience? 432Hz tuning, ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, White Noise, Delta Waves, Theta Waves, Binaural Beats, Breathwork, Self regulatory or Guided Respiration, Breathing Techniques, Yoga for Sleep, Meditation for Sleep, Mindfulness practices for sleep, Calm Sleep stories. Audio Books for Sleep. Nature Sounds for Sleep.

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Music and Sounds for Insomnia
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