Negotiation strategies and persuasion | Business & Finance homework help


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Module 7: Discussion Forum

Tell about a time when you were confronted with some of the 10 questions featured in Getting to Yes.

  • How did you manage the situation(s)?
  • How is persuasion tied to the Getting to Yes questions you discussed? 


Here are the 10 questions:

Questions About Fairness and “Principled” Negotiation

1. “Does positional bargaining ever make sense?”

2. “What if the other side believes in a different standard of fairness?”

3. “Should I be fair if I don’t have to be?”

Questions About Dealing with People

4. “What do I do if the people are the problem?”

5. “Should I negotiate even with terrorists or someone like Hitler? When does it make sense not to negotiate?”

6. “How should I adjust my negotiating approach to account for differences of personality, gender, culture, and so on?”

Questions About Tactics

7. “How do I decide things like ‘Where should we meet?’ ‘How should we communicate?’ ‘Who should make the first offer?’ and ‘How high should I start?’”

8. “Concretely, how do I move from inventing options to making commitments?”

9. “How do I try out these ideas without taking too much risk?”

Questions About Power

10. “Can the way I negotiate really make a difference if the other side is more powerful?” And “How do I enhance my negotiating power?”