Network History

Network history report3-4 pages, double spaced (1000 words)This assignment asks you to choose a particular media network OR organization and assess its relationship to processes of globalization. This report is to be primarily historical and descriptive in focus, considering how your chosen network or organization has been conceived, developed, technologically and administratively organized, and operated as an instrument of globalization.Your choice of network or organization should be highly focused.Focus is on technology or technological systems that provide the kind of physical infrastructure or globalization itself.*Choose one of the networks OR organization from below:-the international postal network-the telegraph networks-the Internet backboneHistorical and descriptive paper:-    who and what,-    how they developed,-    where they came from,-    who manages it, who owns it,-    who are the regulatory bodies (are they national or global) that oversee these particular organizations? –    Who are they responsible to?-    How is operated as an instrument of globalization?

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Network History
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