New Jersey Criminal Statutes

Define criminal statutes.Why it is very important for a recruit and a police officer to know the criminal statues(Criminal laws)?You can include some of the following criminal laws:Criminal Homicide 2c:11-2Murder 2c:11-3Death by auto or vessel 2c:11-5Aiding suicide 2c:11-6Assault 2c:12-1Knowingly leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting serious bodily injury, Third degree crime 2c:12-1.1Endangering an injured victim 2c:12-1.2Terroristic threat 2c:12-3Kidnapping 2c:13-1Criminal restraint 2c:13-2False imprisonment 2c:13-3interference with custody 2c:13-4Criminal coercion 2c:13-5Luring, Enticing child by various means 2c:13-6

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New Jersey Criminal Statutes
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