Night at the Opera

A night at the opera was society’s entertainment long before radio, television, music players and streaming! Though the earliest recorded opera is Jacopo Peri’s Dafne, first performed in 1597, opera is still quite popular today. Consider why it has “staying power” (long-lasting) as you complete the assignment below:Listen to three (3) arias:Pavarotti “Che gelida manina Fiamma” Izzo d’Amico “Si mi Chiamano Mimi” from Puccini’s La BoehmeDiana Damrau Queen of the Night aria from Mozart’s Magic FluteBryn Terfel “Te Deum” from Puccini’s ToscaComplete the Opera table attached.Use Microsoft Word and run a spell check/grammar check (under the “Review” menu in Word).Correct grammar and spelling will be part of your grade.Then copy and paste your assignment into the Assignment Drop Box (not the “Comments” Box.)All written assignments will run through SafeAssign, Blackboard’s plagiarism checking tool. Be sure to pa

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Night at the Opera
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