Nursing Informatics Concepts

Below are five (5) basic nursing informatics concepts that need to be explained in a paper.All five assessments need to be answered. Write 200 to 300 words for each basic skills assessment. Write at least one reference for each assessment. Each assessment is worth five points for a total of 25 points for the total assignment.1)  Choose a search engine for a nursing research assignment. Briefly describe its features and why it is appropriate for your research.2)  Choose one area in your nursing practice in which informatics is used in patient care. Specify one advantage and one disadvantage of using informatics in this scenario.3)  Identify one computer application that can be used to guide evidence based practice in nursing and explain.4)  Give one example on how computer technology can be used to promote interdisciplinary communication among healthcare providers.5)  Briefly describe how the Affordable Care Act (2010), and subsequent policy changes have contributed to the role of nursing informatics.Cover page, abstract page & reference page as well. Body of paper 3 pages.

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Nursing Informatics Concepts
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