Omm 640 regulatory measures powerpoint


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Regulatory Measures

This assignment is a PowerPoint presentation.

Please note your PowerPoint presentation needs to have two separate parts.

  1. First, you will examine the Federal Sentencing      Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO), the Sarbanes – Oxley Act (SOX), and      the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In your presentation,      explain the events that led to each of these regulatory measures and      illustrate the impact these laws have had on business ethics. Be sure to      include examples in your presentation to support your points.
  2. For the second part of the assignment please go to the      Ashford University Library and select an article or case study that      highlights how one or more of these regulatory measures have affected      business ethics in an organization. In the second part of your ppt..,      explain how the legislation affected the organization as well as how the      legislation is intended to reform corporate abuse.

To prepare for this assignment, access and view the following tutorials: and A PowerPoint Tutorial – The Essentials.

The presentation

  • Must be 10 slides in length (not including the title      slide and references slide) and formatted according to APA style as      outlined in the FSB APA guidance located in the classroom.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
  • Title of presentation
  • Student’s name
  • Course name and number
  • Instructor’s name
  • Date submitted
  • Must use at least four scholarly sources in addition to      the course text.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in      the FSB APA guidance located in the classroom.
  • Must include a separate references page that is      formatted according to APA style as outlined in the FSB APA guidance      located in the classroom