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NPV. Miglietti Restaurants is looking at a project with the following forecasted sales: first-year sales quantity of 31,000, with an annual growth rate of 4.00% over the next ten years. The sales price per unit will start at $45.00 and will grow at 2.00% per year. The production costs are expected to be 55% of the current year’s sales price. The manufacturing equipment to aid this project will have a total cost (including installation) of $2,100,000. It will be depreciated using MACRS, E , and has a seven-year MACRS life classification. Fixed costs will be $360,000 per year. Miglietti Restaurants has a tax rate of 38%. What is the operating cash flow for this project over these ten years? Find the NPV of the project for Miglietti Restaurants if the manufacturing equipment can be sold for $150,000 at the end of the ten-year project and the cost of capital for this project is 9%. What is the operating cash flow for this project in year 1? $ (Round to the nearest dollar.) Get Finance homework help today

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