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Study the operation of a robot arm system at the shown link https://www.wisc-online.com/learn/career-clusters/stem/iau12108/integral-contol-mode-application Your task is to develop a proportional integral controller circuit that will satisfy the given system Prepare a write-up that includes the following 1) analyze the system shown at the link by a) performing the required calculations b) select the appropriate sensor for the system and define the workable range for this system (for example voltage, current, temperature, height and etc) c) define the system specification needed ( input-output voltage ranges, setpoints, gains, PB timings, etc) [7 marks] 2) draw the circuit diagram with the components well labeled, [2 marks] 3) describe the working principle of your circuit [4 marks] 4) simulate the circuit in order to show the workability and compliance to the specification by producing the testing matrix and results [5 marks] 5) observation and conclusion of the project. arrel Get Accounting homework help today