Operations and Finance Strategies

ASSIGNMENT DETAILSAssignment: Operations and Finance StrategiesScenario:Your strategic business plan is coming due for submission to the group of angel investors funding the development of your virtual business, and they are looking forward to reviewing it. It is imperative for your virtual team to complete and submit the strategic business plan on time.Along with the strategic business plan, your virtual team will work on recording an oral presentation of your strategic business plan due to the angel investors in the near future. Your virtual team should design and develop a professional, narrated PowerPoint presentation to pitch your strategic business plan to the group of angel investors. It is due to be posted on the Discussion Board in the next unit for review.Due to the importance of this strategic business planning project, it will be essential that each member of your virtual team demonstrate exemplary leadership, strategic thinking, creativity, research, communication, professionalism, and time-management abilities to ensure success. Complete the following requirements for this strategic business planning process for your virtual business:Assignment Part Requirements:• Determine the location of your virtual business. Every business needs an address for several reasons, even a virtual business. Determine what those reasons are and why you chose that location. Do not forget management and maintenance of facilities if a physical location is needed.• Develop a technology plan outlining all the types of technology you will need to operate your virtual business.• Determine the tools and equipment needed to operate your virtual business.• Determine performance milestones and design key metrics to measure success.• Develop a service blueprint to map the customer relationship and transaction process and explain the map’s significance.• Synthesize a minimum of three peer-reviewed, academic research resources to substantiate your critical thinking and to provide viable reasoning for your perspectives.• Apply proper current APA style citation format, and provide additional title and reference pages.• Use headings to segment the topics in your writing in order to create a flow of ideas for your reader.

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Operations and Finance Strategies
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