Operations management analysis & implementation plan ops/571 kraft


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I need to present and individual assignment  as follows. I would like to based it on Kraft Foods

Individual Assignment: Operations Management Analysis & Implementation Paper

Purpose of Assignment

Students apply the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout this course to analyze the various operations management areas including supply chain, competitive position, logistics, and location. Students also develop and propose an implementation plan.

Grading Guide



Partially Met

Not Met


The student analyzed the supply chain for their selected company from both product and service standpoints.

The student analyzed the most important value points from the standpoint of process, product, or service and within the context of a changing eco-system.

The student assessed the organization’s competitive position and possibilities.

The student analyzed the structure, facilities location, and logistics of the organization.

The student explained how the organization’s structure, logistics, and facility location affect the organizational performance.

The student developed a list of key objectives that foster innovation and growth in context of the business / industry.

The student developed an implementation plan for key objectives and change management issues in context of all stakeholders as part of the operational plan and included a GANTT Chart

The paper is 2,100-words in length.

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Writing Guidelines


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The paper — including tables and graphs, headings, a title page, and a reference page — is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements.

The paper includes properly cited intellectual property using APA style in-text citations and a reference page.

The paper includes paragraph and sentence transitions that are logical and maintain flow throughout the paper.

The paper includes sentences that are complete, clear, and concise.

The paper follows proper rules of grammar and usage including spelling and punctuation.

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