Ozone Layer

Compose a minimum 1-page essay summarizing the article “Clearing the Air”Preview the document from the April 2020 issue of ChemMatters by focusing on the questions below. Be sure to proofread and edit your paper for clarity and review the grading rubric to ensure you include all of the required elements in your summary. Find the reading rubric at the bottom of this page.Focus Questions:How can ozone help and hurt life on Earth? What makes the same chemical have both effects?The current coronavirus pandemic began in December of 2019.  The amount of cases began to increase dramatically worldwide in March of 2020. The virus is particularly dangerous to those with respiratory issues.  Based on the info in this article, what additional dangers may be present for people fighting the coronavirus in urban areas as summer approaches again in the northern hemisphere?Observe the map of the United States titled “8-Hour Ozone Nonattainment Areas (Jan. 2020)” on page 11.  Dangerous levels of ozone can be found predominantly in areas with a high population density.  Create an argument based on evidence as to why California contains the greatest amount of land area with extreme levels of ground level ozone.  There are many areas in the United States with high population density such as the Northeast U.S.  What factor or factors may be causing the increased levels in California?Hint: find other maps of the US to compare to. Think about all of the factors mentioned in the article. Make sure to cite, and include any maps you used at the very end of your paper.In what format should I write my article?11 pt. Calibri, Palatino, or Times New Roman; single-spaced; normal margins.In what format should I cite?All in-text and Works Cited should be in MLA, 8th Edition.What should the Title be?it should be “4th Six Weeks’ Reading Summary: Clearing the Air”

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Ozone Layer
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