P10-4a: depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation (2008 to


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At the beginning of 2008, Lehman Company acquired equipment costing $90,000. It was estimated that this equipment would have a useful life of 6 years and a residual value of $9,000 at that time. The straight-line method of depreciation was considered the most appropriate to use with this type of equipment. Depreciation is to be recorded at the end of each year. 

      During 2010 (the third year of the equipment’s life), the company’s engineers reconsidered their expectations, and estimated that the equipment’s useful life would probably be 7 years (in total) instead of 6 years. The estimated residual value was not changed at that time. However, during 2013 the estimated residual value was reduced to $5,000.




Indicate how much depreciation expense should be recorded each year for this equipment, by completing the following table.



Year                Depreciation Expense                       Accumulated Depreciation

2008                            $                                                          $

2009                            $                                                          $

2010                            $                                                          $

2011                            $                                                          $

2012                            $                                                          $

2013                            $                                                          $


2014                            $                                                          $