Pa 581 case analysis state or local government budget

PA 581 Case Analysis: State or Local Government Budget

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 Prepare an analysis of the most recent budget request of the state or local government of your choice, and present a clear and concise conclusion that recaps the highlights of the documents with final remarks.

Use the internet to search on government websites for a state or local government budget.

• Papers must be 5 to 7 pages in length (this would be roughly 1 page per area included in the report), 12 point Times New Roman or Courier New font, double-spaced, include a cover page, introduction, body of the report, summary or conclusion and works cited.

• Appropriate citations are required.

• All DeVry University policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy.

• Papers are due during Week 7of this course.

• Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q&A Discussion topic.

• This paper is worth 125 total points and will be graded on quality of analysis, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar and sentence structure.

• For an example on on how to write a budget request, go to the web site for the GAO: U.S. Government Accountability link foundin Webliography. Type GAO-05-566 in the “Keyword or Report #” search engine. Locate the article “Internal Revenue Service Assessment of the Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Request,” GAO-05-566, April 27, 2005.





Budget Highlights


Read the governor’s/mayor’s/city manager’s/etc. budget message and prepare a summary of his/her major comments and points.

What progress has the governmental unit made during the past year?

What issues is it facing as we look forward?

What is the economic situation?

What major increases in the budget are requested? Why?

What major budget cuts have been implemented over the last two years?

Budget Documents


Review pertinent budget documents and select a departmental budget.

What is the name of the department and what type of budget does it use: line-item, program, performance, incremental, zero-based, hybrid? What characteristics of the budget have led you to this conclusion?

Is the budget complete, clear, transparent, well-documented, and reasonable?

What are your recommendations for improving the budget? Why?

Departmental Budget Request


Regarding this department,present a summary of the following:

Major funding Items

Mission statement and the key strategic goals

Does the budget document clearly present accomplishments?

Review the department’s budget, including actual total outlays for 2009, and estimates for 2010 and 2011. What is the percentage increase from 2009 to 2010 and 2010 to 2011?

Review budget narratives. Does the department present a strong justification for its budget? Present information to support your answer.

Analysis and Recommendations


Perform an analysis of the departmental budget request and present the following:

Areas where funding is questionable and not adequately justified.

Computational errors, if any.

Recommendations for reduced funding and or cuts.

Introduction, Analysis, & Conclusion


1) Present a clear, concise introduction that explains the purpose of the paper and the major items it will cover.

2) Present a clear and concise conclusion that recaps the highlights of the documents with final remarks.



Paper is double-spaced and 5-7 pages in length, exclusive of Title Page.

Use Times New Roman 12 or Courier New 12 font.

Grammar/Spelling/APA Compliance


Write like a master’s degree candidate!

Write your answer clearly and succinctly using strong organization and proper grammar.

Avoid typos and spelling errors.

Also, avoid slang, jargon, IM style writing, and curse words.

Use APA citations correctly (for example, source for this topic is “Budget of the United States Government.”



A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.