Pain Management associated with Veteran

TOPIC-Pain management associated with veterans: The effect of staff education on patient satisfaction and pain assessment documentation.APA Format 7th editionLimited direct quote (two or three.)Please include heading.Please include introduction for 1st paragraph with thesis statement then, answer the following questionsWhat is the problem(s) that are being addressed in the articles?What are the goals of the articles?Focus the paper primarily on safety and effectiveness concerning pain management.AIM STATEMENT: What is the author/article trying to accomplish?What are the aims of the paper?Use the “SMART” approach to defining the AIMS: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, and Timely. Clearly identify each of the SMART components.Describe the target population, the desired improvement, and the targeted time frame.This is an ongoing paper that will be done in stages over several weeks with revisions and power point presentation at the end.I have attached the articles to be used.

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Pain Management associated with Veteran
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