Patient and Family Engagement during a Pandemic

My group was assigned the topic ‘Patient and family engagement during a pandemic’. Including patients and family in the care during hospitalization leads to better outcomes and quality patient care. The covid-19 pandemic has made it challenging to include the family members in the care for the patient. Strict infection prevention policies are being followed in hospitals, the family is unable to stay with the patient during hospitalization. This can negatively affect the mental as well as physical health of the patient. Older adults with chronic health conditions consist most of the covid-19 hospitalizations, these patients rely on their family to help them navigate healthcare and make health care choices(Aboumater, 2020). It is important to reach out to the patient’s family regularly and provide updates. Family members need to be involved in the discharge process to get information about caring for the patient at home. The internet can be a useful tool when it comes to connecting the hospitalized patient and their loved ones. The reliance on the internet can lead to privacy issues and other health disparities(Hart et al., 2020). Some patients might not have access to the internet or technological literacy to use a smartphone or device

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Patient and Family Engagement during a Pandemic
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