Peer Review

Questions for Self or Peer Review     1.   What is this writer’s purpose? How can you tell?     2.   Does the writer achieve this purpose effectively? Why or why not? What techniques does the writer use to help achieve the purpose?     3.   Identify any places where the writer’s ideas are unclear. How could the writer clarify these points?     4.   What is the writer’s thesis statement (main argument)? Does the writer return to this argument consistently throughout the paper? If not, where does the argument start to unravel?     5.   Where would you like the writer to have provided more information?     6.   Are there any factual mistakes or logical inconsistencies? If so, where are they and why are they problematic?     7.   Evaluate the writing itself. Is the paper easy to read? Are there particular grammatical issues that you noticed? How distracting did you find these issues?     8.   Who is the intended audience of the paper? How can you tell?     9.   Name two strengths of the paper. Was there a particularly memorable detail?     10.   Name two weaknesses of the paper. Are there any strategies you can suggest to the writer to help him/her remedy these weaknesses?       Temple University Writing Center

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Peer Review
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