Personal Goal Statement

Rehabilitation Counseling Advancement Program Personal goals statement The specific reasons you wish to pursue the graduate program in rehabilitation counseling at NIU Your career goals and how earning a degree in rehabilitation counseling relates to those career goals Steps you have taken or will take to make sure your academic performance in our program is exemplary Statement of Purpose Your statement of purpose, or personal statement, should be approximately 250 to 750 words in length. It should outline your preparation for graduate study in your chosen field, as well as your goals for graduate school and beyond. It should also explain why you believe the program at NIU can best help you meet those goals. After the deadline, the rehabilitation counseling admissions committee will select qualified applicants to participate in pre-admission interviews. Committee members will look for your ability to demonstrate: Relevance of career goals/commitment to working with people with disabilities Aptitude for graduate-level study Potential success in forming effective counseling relationships Respect for cultural difference Openness to self-examination/willingness to take constructive feedback I need an admission letter for a Rehabilitation Counseling Advancement Program.  It is a program that you take graduate classes while still taking undergrad classes in your senior year.  So I will only have to take one year of graduate classes to receive my masters.  Here is a little about me.  I retired from the military in July 2017 after 20+ years in the Air Force.  I have been deployed multiple times all over the world (Middle East, Asia and Africa).  When I was in Afghanistan I was in a humvee explosion by an IED (improvised explosive device), ;lucky nobody was killed. I now suffer from TBI, PTSD, severe depression, and severe anxiety.  I was in charge of 23 Airmen in my last assignment.  I am doing the best that I can with all the schooling I am taking. ddadfaf Aa

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Personal Goal Statement
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