Persuasive electronic mail | ENG-2311 | Richland College

Instructions: This is an exercise in formatting, and writing a persuasive email. You must use the illustrations as your guide for spacing, the placement of Toulmin elements, and the proper tone. Your assignment must be formatted exactly like the illustrations and it must contain at least threeToulmin elements. Be sure to study the Toulmin illustration closely so that you can position the elements correctly. 

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• Identify a dangerous or inconvenient area or situation on campus or in your workplace. Write a justification email to your boss or dean describing the problem, making recommendations for improvement, and encouraging immediate action. Your email should include at least 3 elements of Toulmin [claim, support, warrants]. It should be at least 200words. Compose your email in a separate word doc., or rich.txt file, name your file <Completed-Email-Last Name> then submits as an attachment. 

Requirements: Your document should include the following sections. In effect, it should look like a typical email you might create at work or in your ISP environment.  





Message Body:

Signature Block:

 The important part: remember to use the three Toulmin elements in your email to make it persuasive. The Toulmin elements are:

1. Claim: the position or claim being argued for; the conclusion of the argument.

2. Grounds/Support: reasons or supporting evidence that bolsters the claim.

3. Warrant: the principle, provision or chain of reasoning that connects the grounds/reason to the claim. 
So you should use these three elements in your email to make it persuasive. 

For instance: 

If your claim is “Physics lab has limited resources.”You should now provide the support or evidence to prove your claim. And you should provide warrants for showing a good connection of claim and the supporting evidence.

Note: I need this assignment within 12 hours.