Pharmaceutical Science

InstructionsThe thesis should be created using a word processing package and printed using a good quality printer. Color printing should be used if colored graphs or images are used. Text should be double spaced with a suitable margin to allow for binding. Each section should be marked by its own title page in centred 20 point Calibri font. The body of the document should be in Calibri 12 point typeface justified to the left margin. Paragraphs should be clearly demarked by leaving a blank line. The number of pages devoted to these sections, particularly Methods and Results will to a large extent depend on the nature of the project but the following suggestions can be taken as a guide.IntroductionThis should be between 5 and 12 pages in length. The object of an introduction is to provide a brief survey or review of background literature relevant to the project and an exposition of the rationale behind the project. Reference significant statements but avoid citing directly from textbook material. Please note that the Introduction is a component of the project report. This should not be confused with the literature review that is undertaken as an assessable component of the ‘Research Methods’ module.

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Pharmaceutical Science
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