Political Extremism in Israel

Final AssignmentPOLITICAL VIOLENCE AND TERRORISM IN ISRAELDr. Sivan Hirsch-HoeflerGeneral Information: the main goal of the final assignment is to evaluate the level of understanding ofthe course materials, as well as to test the student’s capabilities of integration and application of thematerials to real life situations. The assignment must be done individually; assignments with similar rationale or structure will not be graded.Time-Frame: The assignment should be submitted to the course website by March 10th. We will notaccept any assignment that will be handed in past this deadline. Please write your I.D number on theassignment itself (do not write your name).Length of the Assignment: The general length of each answer should not exceed the limit of 1000words, double spacing, and font 12 (Times New Roman). In addition, it is recommended to add a coverpage and a list of references. Any deviation from this format will lead to the disqualification of theassignment.Format of Writing:§ The writing will follow the acceptable academic format – i.e., definitions of concepts, referencesto general theories, and references to previous empirical findings.You are not required to referto bibliographical items that are not included in the course’s reading list.§ The focus of this assignment is on the implementation of the general theories. You are requiredto provide a detailed theoretical and conceptual discussion and not to use only direct or indirectquotes from the course materials.Please select two of the following five topics. Each answer will form 50% of your overall grade.1. There are different ways in which people can make an effort to achieve social change. We havepaid particular attention to tactical repertoires. Read the articles below and review the types ofpolitical activities expressed in these articles.a) In your answer, discuss the main forms of political action, concepts [e.g., repertoire ofaction, political violence, terrorism], typology, and findings that have emerged throughoutour discussion on the prism through which repertoire of action is expressed.https://www.timesofisrael.com/25-settler-attacks-on-palestinians-reported-since-teen-died-inpolice-chase/)https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/hundreds-of-haredi-protesters-blocking-main-roads-injerusalem-652905http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7660628.stmhttp://edition.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/index.htmlb) Sprinzak argues that we should distinguish between “violence of power” and “violence ofpowerlessness” and between “Intentional violence” and “unintentional violence”. Discussthese arguments and use two examples from the case studies we have studied during thecourse.c) Provide a recent case study from Israel that can demonstrate these arguments.2. Discuss existing tensions between religion and political violence. Does religion constitute theonly factor for political violence?a. Discuss the relationship between religion and different forms of political violence. In youranswer, relate to the cases we have discussed in class and to the conceptualizationobstacles.b. In your answer, discuss the role of religion in Israeli political life and the tension betweenJewish predominance and democracy in line with our class discussions.3. During the course, we have devoted much discussion to the process of radicalization and themotivations for political violence.a) Briefly describe and explain the factors involved in political violence. Choose twofactors/theories and illustrate how they are expressed in two case studies which were examinedduring the course.b) Please read the following article and explain the motivations for political violencehttps://www.israelhayom.com/2019/07/03/at-least-80-wounded-60-arrested-as-ethiopianisraeli-protests-turn-violent/4. During the course, we have devoted much discussion to the phenomenon of political violence.We have addressed conceptual and methodological issues about defining and assessing politicalviolence and avoiding the obstacles that have hindered previous research.a) Explain the difficulties involved in the use of the word “violence” and definitional problemsposed by the concept of political violence. Why does conceptualizing so important for theunderstanding of the phenomenon?b) Does support for political violence necessarily predicts violent behavior? Explain variousmethodological problems involved in the study of [Jewish] terrorism and political violencec) What are the different types and expressions of political violence? Show examples.d) Do forms of political violence change across historical periods?5. Does the exposure of citizens to missiles, incendiary balloons or kites, or other types of politicaviolence and terrorism, affect their political behavior?a) How does exposure to political violence affect civilians’ political attitudes and behavior,specifically radical political behavior? Give examples.b) Are citizens exposed to political violence to the same degree? In your answer, refer todifficulties in conceptualizing and in measuring the exposure to political violence.c) What are the psychological consequences of exposure to political violence? Give examples.Good luck!

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Political Extremism in Israel
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