Population Health

Review the objectives for this course and discuss how you met the objectives. Include specific assignments that assisted in your achieving these objectives. Upload your responses here.1-Apply the nursing process to communities, groups, families and individuals to guide appropriate nursing interventions based on community assessment findings, epidemiological and population level data.2-Utilize basic epidemiological principles (the incidence, distribution, and control of disease in a population) in public and community health nursing practice.3-Analyze primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies that target at- risk populations at the individual, family, community, and systems level.4-Identify social and ecological determinants of health in order to work effectively with diverse individuals, families, and groups.5-Collaborate with community partners to promote the health of individuals and families within the population.6-Demonstrate evidence of commitment to social justice, the greater good, and public health principles.7-Implement health promotion and disease prevention educational programming to groups/communities based on the Healthy People 2030 framework.

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Population Health
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