position yourself as the new cfo of a publically traded company. you

• You will be required to develop a research paper (minimum 10 pages).

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• Position yourself as the new CFO of a publically traded company. You must provide the CEO an assessment of the financial condition of the company.
– The paper should provide a brief summary of the Industry, Company Background, Products and any Acquisitions or Mergers in recent years.
– The Financial Assessment should look at the last three years and include at least a balance sheet and income statement review, ROI, ROE, EBITDA, Margin Trends, a basic cash flow analysis, ratio analysis, trend analysis, debt review, cost of capital and outlook.
– Provide a recommendation to strengthen the companies financial position given today’s circumstances. (i.e. restructure debt, offer equity swaps, sell more shares, issue bonds, downsize operations, uses of excess cash)
• Your paper should demonstrate your comprehension of the Course Outcomes communicated earlier in this syllabus. It should be thorough, logically organized, grammatically correct and understandable for a first time reader. You may use any and all available sources. Please provide a list of sources used at the end of your written report. Any reference materials (i.e. financial reports, investor presentations, etc) should be contained in an appendix.