Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Introductory paragraphDefine/describe the topic and the text you have chosen to analyze in the research essay.The introduction should include some version the following question: Is [Star Trek: Voyager’s “Latent Image.”] an [accurate] representation of [mental illness/disorder]?Thesis should list the proposal’s organizationIn this essay, I will explain how I chose my literary text, how I came up with the mental illness/disorder, and what type of sources I will use in my research essay.Body paragraph 1How did you chose literary text?What were the steps you followed to choose your literary text?Did it interest you? Why?Were you assigned the text?Body paragraph 2How did you come up with with the mental illness/disorder?What clues from the text led you to believe that a specific mental illness/disorder are being depicted in the story?Did you have to do any research to learn more about the mental illness/disorder? If so, what did you learn?Body paragraph 3What types of sources do you expect to use?List the general types of sources you expect to use. Identify at least two of them by name.ConclusionSummarize the choices you have made for this project and what you intend to do.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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