Power of Persuasion

Overview:You are attempting to positively influence someone; that is, use your power of persuasion to accomplish something good. This can be a friend, family member, or coworker. Here are some examples of things to achieve, but what you choose to do is entirely up to you. Important note: You should not do anything illegal or that may in some way cause physical, mental, or emotional harm to yourself or others.Examples:•    Persuade someone to give (not lend) you some amount of money greater than $.25 and no more than $1.00 that you will give to a charity or person in need.•    Persuade someone to read a particularly good book.•    Convince a friend to donate to your favorite charity.Answer:1.    Choose a positive action that you will attempt toaccomplish through the power of persuasion.2.    Complete this action.3.    Compose a document in which you:          a.    Describe what you attempted to achieve.          b.    Describe the outcome, including whether or not you were successful.          c.    Describe the approach or tactic you used.          d.    Describe the person’s reaction to your tactic.          e.    Explain whether or not you would choose a different approach or tactic if you                   were to attempt this again.

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Power of Persuasion
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