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For this assignment, you will identify a specific problem that can be addressed by applying McKinsey’s persuasive framework and Jain and Sharma’s use of analytics. Once your faculty member has approved your problem statement, you will develop a draft PowerPoint presentation outlining the problem and its resolution in Assignment 6a: Presentation II – Draft PowerPoint.

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This assignment is to fuse the tenants of an effective presentation from our Smith and McKinsey texts, with the data-analysis principles of our Jain and Sharma text.  

• Adopt a framework for persuasive content.  As a reminder, persuasive agendas are situation/complication/resolution, approach/findings/implications, situation/opportunity/resolution, or pilot/results/scale

• Embedded in this presentation, must be data, to support implications/resolutions/justification to scale.   Data should be introduced and leveraged applying the BADIR decision-making construct.  As a reminder, that is business question, analysis plan, data collection, insights and recommendations

• The best presentation will address situation – respond to a business question – with a story, supported by data.

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