Pregnancy through the Adolescent Child

Response must:be in the form of a 100 to 250-word well-developed paragraph, with well-developed sentences, correct spelling, and proper grammar.include data, facts, key terms, specific examples and direct quotations from the lesson page and other resources to support your main point.respond directly to the specific question postedrelate specific details of the scenario to the question posed and to the above data, key terms, etc.Defend your response based upon what you have learned in this course as well as your own outside researchMalinda and her husband are planning for their first child and are meeting with a dietitian for advice on dietary changes to make to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Malinda is 26 years old, 5’ 4” tall and weighs 156 lbs. She’s relatively healthy with just borderline insulin resistance according to her doctor. Unfortunately, neither she nor her husband cook, so they rely heavily on packaged meals and fast food, and both enjoy an alcoholic drink a couple of times a week.Question 1: In this scenario, you are the nutrition expert. Identify three pregnancy risk factors and explain the potential consequences to the pregnancy or fetal development these factors pose. Make a suggestion for each risk factor to help Malinda be in the best physical condition possible before her pregnancy. Support your answer with data, facts, key terminology, specific examples and other information drawn from the textbook and at least one other supplemental source.Elizabeth is 13-years old and has become very body-conscious since getting her first period. She feels very grown up and wants to lose some weight to look more like the teen models on television. To this end, Elizabeth decides to give up dairy products, meat and poultry because she’s heard that these foods impede weight loss. She still eats some fish, but fruits and vegetables make up the majority of her diet.Question 2: Identify which vitamins and minerals are of concern in a teen’s diet, and how Elizabeth’s new diet puts her at risk for deficiency in these nutrients. Include in your answer whether the RDA for these nutrients is appropriate for Elizabeth and discuss potential outcomes of deficiency. You will need to defend your answer using specific facts, data, and other information drawn from the textbook and at least one other supplemental source.

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Pregnancy through the Adolescent Child
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